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Marketing & Communications
2020 - Present 
Current Retainer Client

A spin-off brand that was birthed during the pandemic for an events agency, the founder reached out for help post-lockdown. It was conceptualised to sell Nasi Lemak, and the team was looking for brand longevity.

We worked with the client to change the brand offerings and refined the brand messaging - from selling just Nasi Lemak to a seasonal repertoire of dishes created for special occasions. 

Using past sales data, we optimised the offerings, website user interface and switched to a better e-commerce platform. 


We engaged buyers on various digital platforms, using PR, content on Social Media and digital advertising. 

The Results: 

Overall increase in revenue per month 

Per order average spend increased by more than 100%

PR Value of over $200,000 for a 2-month campaign 

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